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Keyword Research and Analysis is the foundation of your Search Engine Optimization initiative.

Keyword Research is the process of selecting the optimum keywords and keyword phrases to be used in your content to help visitors find your site. In building your web pages you can fine-tune them for better ranking with the major search engines, but it will amount to nothing if the right keyword phrases are not targeted. Even if you achieve high search engine rankings, you may not get relevant traffic if you select the wrong keywords. The words you choose may generate little traffic or may have too much competition for you to get anywhere that you will be found.

So, before you do anything else, build your SEO foundation by identifying your target audience and researching what keywords or phrases they are searching in the search engines to locate what your web site offers. We can research and discover the optimum "niche" keywords to bring the maximum of relevant traffic (not tire-kickers!) to your site.

There are several tools that help us define this list. A lot of times, clients will “feel” or think that this is what the keywords need to be, however, once we start the research, we will find something else. This is not uncommon, because we are all close to our trade and our perception can be narrowed by this. However, our methods are tried and tested and our experience will not disappoint.

We cannot stress enough how important and pivotal accurate keyword research is. Once the keyword analysis is done, not only does it provide the foundation for optimizing your web site but also for your off-site optimization and social media presence on the web.